Writing Ideas

  1. Entrepreneurship vs businesses
  2. Small biz easily make huge margins
  3. What profits to make
  4. Failure and success
  5. Why small businesses fail
  6. What is mentorship and what it does for you
  7. Marketing for small businesses
  8. When do I need a partner and what to look for
  9. Diversification Vs concentration (in breeding)
  10. Savings and resource mobilization
  11. Start up financing (crowd sourcing)
  12. Capital haemorage (stealing)
  13. Franchising and what to look at
  14. Managing innovation in small businesses
  15. How to spot a scam in business
  16. Can everybody be an entrepreneur
  17. What is hustling
  18. Annoying mistakes for small enterprises
  19. Big challenges for small businesses
  20. The question of Goodwill (how suppliers lcan bring down a biz)
  21. How to use debt to create wealth
  22. How to package your idea for external funding
  23. How much is your ideas worth?
  24. Social entrepreneurship
  25. Entrepreneurship education in schools
  26. Why we fear loans
  27. Business ignorance
  28. Are you a social entrepreneur
  29. Agribusiness and value addition
  30. Cash flow financing
  31. Prioritizing Businesd spending
  32. Businesses grants in kenya
  33. Work life balance
  34. How to get out of credit trouble
  35. Customer service 101
  36. Customer service 102
  37. Innovation 101
  38. How to innovate
  39. What to help your kids with career choices

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