Spare a Thought for Packaging

The success of your product in the market will greatly be determined by the packaging it comes in. Yes. Just that physical container. There is nothing that cries out “unprofessional” than seeing someone giving absolutely no thought to packaging. Small businesses need to appreciate that investing in packaging isn’t necessarily wasting money. Some interesting numbers … Continue reading Spare a Thought for Packaging

Making the Case for the Small Business

I grew up in a community that gave premium to size, small size that is. We used to say “Kanini Kaseo” small is good. Nowadays that is a classic oxymoron. People shifted focus to the big, the mighty. We have grown to detest and despise the small ones. We have forgotten that even the big … Continue reading Making the Case for the Small Business

Customer Service 101: How To Improve Yours

How is important customer service to you? Funny how everyone of us demands the best possible service yet we hardly offer the same to those whom we serve. There are many dimensions in which your biz can meet and even exceed customer expectations. Every business should aspire to get there. I often like to challenge … Continue reading Customer Service 101: How To Improve Yours

Innovation 101 for SMEs

Let’s try this. Can you tell the difference between creativity, Innovation, Invention, discovery, technology? Well, it’s not important that you are able to tell the fine differences, that’s for academics. However, its not bad to also have a basic understand of the same. Creativity for me is a disposition (tendency, character) that precedes and is … Continue reading Innovation 101 for SMEs

Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Interested in Your Consultancy.

The relationship between an entrepreneur and a provider of professional services is supposed to be symbiotic. However, that is hardly the case. Even when they have to work together, it’s always a difficult situation for both the provider and the entrepreneurs (buyer). To be competitive, SMEs need to professionalize and very seriously so. While the … Continue reading Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Interested in Your Consultancy.

Why Your Good Business is Informal

For starters, the informal sector is potentially the largest ‘employer’ in Kenya today. Its contribution to national income is very large despite there being very little accounting for it. However, by being informal, then there is very little support that goes to the sector from government. Not even the basic amenities. Ever wanted to use … Continue reading Why Your Good Business is Informal

A Board for your Biz? Why and How to Get One

What is more challenging to an entrepreneur than carrying all the responsibility for your biz on your shoulders? Unlike in employment where you have the benefit of supervisory management, as an entrepreneur you are everything. Your life, that of your biz, employees, suppliers and even buyers depend on you. Most often, you do not possess … Continue reading A Board for your Biz? Why and How to Get One