Innovation 101 for SMEs

Let’s try this. Can you tell the difference between creativity, Innovation, Invention, discovery, technology? Well, it’s not important that you are able to tell the fine differences, that’s for academics. However, its not bad to also have a basic understand of the same. Creativity for me is a disposition (tendency, character) that precedes and is … Continue reading Innovation 101 for SMEs

8 Superstitions Associated With Business

Have you noticed that much as business is a very practical matter, it is never too far from superstition. If you wish you can study business management up to PhD level and never once will you ever come across the concept of superstition. However, out there in the real world, it is very much a … Continue reading 8 Superstitions Associated With Business

The Youth and the Big 4 Agenda

The operationalization of the Agenda is dual in nature; 1. There is the direct investments by government in these sectors (approx. 400B as set out in the budget for FY 2018/19. This money is spread across different government departments. Follow it there through tenderpreneruship and AGPO 2. The biggest chunk of the investments will however … Continue reading The Youth and the Big 4 Agenda

The Big 4: Breathing Life to the Manufacturing Agenda

I should start by commending the president for this bold Big 4 Agenda especially the part of Manufucturing. It holds a place that is very dear in my heart. To remind him though, we have been here before done that and failed. Upon independence, we set up the Kenya Industrial Estates, ICDC etc. to see … Continue reading The Big 4: Breathing Life to the Manufacturing Agenda