How to Dig Yourself out of the Debt Hole

While one half of entrepreneurs are faced with a problem of accessing loans, the other is faced with trying to find an easy way of preventing them from drowning in debt. The Kenyan market is awash with so much easy money now offered via all manner of channels. With so much on offer it is … Continue reading How to Dig Yourself out of the Debt Hole

When Success is a Danger to the Business

Success in business as in all other areas of life is usually a journey and not a static point. However, there will be good indications that your business is succeeding. You will experience positive customer numbers, sales volumes and revenues and even profits. As an entrepreneur, apart from experiencing heightened levels of independence you will … Continue reading When Success is a Danger to the Business

Customer Service 101: How To Improve Yours

How is important customer service to you? Funny how everyone of us demands the best possible service yet we hardly offer the same to those whom we serve. There are many dimensions in which your biz can meet and even exceed customer expectations. Every business should aspire to get there. I often like to challenge … Continue reading Customer Service 101: How To Improve Yours

8 Characteristics of an Innovative Business

Every small business would also want to be innovative but how does get to be innovative? An innovation ready business will have some of the 1.Deliberate You want to be innovative you must pursue innovation and consciously so. Have a vision and a strategy for innovation which complements with your overall organization strategy. It’s not … Continue reading 8 Characteristics of an Innovative Business

Innovation 102: How SMEs can innovate

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The challenge with innovation is that the “techies” have taken and almost owned it entirely. You mention innovation and the average person immediately envisions digital apps and online capabilities. This piece will seek to expand our appreciation of innovation by exploring a few options on how an ordinary non-tech biz can innovate. While innovation can … Continue reading Innovation 102: How SMEs can innovate

Innovation 101 for SMEs

Let’s try this. Can you tell the difference between creativity, Innovation, Invention, discovery, technology? Well, it’s not important that you are able to tell the fine differences, that’s for academics. However, its not bad to also have a basic understand of the same. Creativity for me is a disposition (tendency, character) that precedes and is … Continue reading Innovation 101 for SMEs

8 Superstitions Associated With Business

Have you noticed that much as business is a very practical matter, it is never too far from superstition. If you wish you can study business management up to PhD level and never once will you ever come across the concept of superstition. However, out there in the real world, it is very much a … Continue reading 8 Superstitions Associated With Business