Innovation 102: How SMEs can innovate

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The challenge with innovation is that the “techies” have taken and almost owned it entirely. You mention innovation and the average person immediately envisions digital apps and online capabilities. This piece will seek to expand our appreciation of innovation by exploring a few options on how an ordinary non-tech biz can innovate. While innovation can … Continue reading Innovation 102: How SMEs can innovate


Innovation 101 for SMEs

Let’s try this. Can you tell the difference between creativity, Innovation, Invention, discovery, technology? Well, it’s not important that you are able to tell the fine differences, that’s for academics. However, its not bad to also have a basic understand of the same. Creativity for me is a disposition (tendency, character) that precedes and is … Continue reading Innovation 101 for SMEs

Tenderpreneurship: How to Play it Clean

It was always going to be difficult to write on this especially with the recent news and happening around the country. In a country where there are newspaper adverts to join the cartels why would one really work in building a business around tendering? But it can be done. It has to be done. World … Continue reading Tenderpreneurship: How to Play it Clean

Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Interested in Your Consultancy.

The relationship between an entrepreneur and a provider of professional services is supposed to be symbiotic. However, that is hardly the case. Even when they have to work together, it’s always a difficult situation for both the provider and the entrepreneurs (buyer). To be competitive, SMEs need to professionalize and very seriously so. While the … Continue reading Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Interested in Your Consultancy.

Building Your Business on Values

Values is a set of principles that give character to your biz and define what your biz is all about. Values empower both your partners, staff and customers towards ensuring that your biz is able to meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders. A rational being will have a set of natural principles that … Continue reading Building Your Business on Values

How to Run a Successful Freelancing Business

So. You have studied and eventually graduated? Congratulations, you are among the roughly 500k Kenyans graduating from our colleges and universities every year. Usually, the feel good lasts only a few days after graduation. You hit the streets searching for a job and realize there aren’t as many jobs. Nothing stretches the soul like the … Continue reading How to Run a Successful Freelancing Business

Your Talent Can Make You Money

Now, we continue on discussing how to commercialize our talents. In the previous article, we covered a few things; knowing your product, knowing your market, investing in your talent, training hard and production of your product. Are you protecting your work? Now, you have worked so hard in training and development of your product. You … Continue reading Your Talent Can Make You Money